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Welcome to "Access All Areas"

Here is your chance to be part of the official IO Earth Fan Club.
As a member of our Fan Club you will receive lots of benefits, such as…

Official IO Earth Fan Club


  • Live-streamed performances. (Via the private ‘Access All Areas’ Facebook Group.)
  • Live-streamed Q&A sessions. (Via the private ‘Access All Areas’ Facebook Group.)
  • Discounts on selected IO Earth concert tickets. (Excluding Festivals.)
  • Exclusive access to the progress and snippets from the latest recordings.
  • Live recordings.
  • Receive a copy of New IO Earth albums before everyone else. (After purchase.)
  • Plus much, much more…

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Your subscription will help IO Earth produce new music for all the IO Earth family to enjoy and you, the ‘IO Earth Access All Areas’ Fan Club members, can be proud to know that you helped to make it possible for IO Earth to continue rocking and rolling.

Peace & Love