Album of the Year

IOEarth’s Dave Cureton and Adam Gough have crafted a ecological progressive masterpiece with their debut double album. Its running time of over 100 minutes takes you on a journey like no other through three different movements Water,Earth and finally Air.
Impossible to pigeon hole and pin down to a particular progressive genre the creative mix of ambient sounds,traditional instruments,and superbly executed vocals form the backbone to what is dubbed quite rightly the IO sound. This is a master class in how to use mood and tempo in creating a diverse and compelling sound scape.
It is impossible for me to pick out the really outstanding tracks on this album as the music needs to be listened to as a whole and not dipped into for an occasional listen,but whether you enjoy the excellent new age sounds of the opening track “Introduction” or the superb fluid guitar playing of “Storyteller” or the very laid back sounds of “Smoky Wood” there is something for everyone.
Every time I have listened to the music of IOEarth I have been taken to a different place within my own life, a journey of emotional well being, memories once forgotten brought back with more clarity than I thought ever possible.
Album of the year for me without question. IOEarth, music with a compelling vision that is sonically breathtaking.