Get a Copy of This Debut ASAP!

By: Ron Fuchs
IO Earth is a brand new progressive rock band from the UK. The core members are Dave Cureton (guitars, etc) and Adam Gough (keyboards etc), who have been friends since the 90’s. Joining them are Richard Cureton (drums & percussion), Marc Williams (bass), Claire Malin, Louise Brabbins and Steve Balsamo of Chimpan A (vocals).
IO Earth’s self titled 2cd debut is remarkable in that they sound like no one else today. This is probably due to the combination of various genres like rock, classical, opera, electronica, ambient and jazz. There is over an hour and a half of music with absolutely no filler. Every time I listen to this CD, I hear new things.
This is one of those albums that requires an uninterrupted listen and played loud via headphones. I will say it’s well worth the time as the self titled debut has an amazing production to it. One song that sticks out on the first disc, to me, is “Come With Me”. It reminds me of various female fronted progressive rock especially bands like Chimpan A and Dream Aria (Canada).
The remainder of this debut is packed with amazing sounds and had I heard this back in 2009, it would have surely been one on my top favorites of that year. I would highly recommend fans of both complex and accessible progressive rock, to get a copy of this debut ASAP!