I Need To Play It Again…. And Again….. And Again!!!

By Rob
(Please note that this review has been translated using an online translator)
IOEarth is a project of multi-instrumentalists Dave Cureton and Adam Gough. Releasing their second album after the 2009 same titled successfully debut By many chosen to be best new band/ Best debut album in 2009. Opening track For those who appreciated that debut this album is a must because it’s even better.Like Enigma sadness has a spoken female voice. Moments in production and style it’s Neo-symphonic with traditional elements that are similar like Seven ReizhAfter Moments the first part of Live your life as a piano/vocals ballad with beautiful melodies. Woven into second part that is neo-prog.
The only negative point i can make is the opening Gregorian vocals of Drifting. It’s not Gregogian and not clear enough. The vocals Claire Malin are excellent. She has a pure and clear sound. Cinta Indah has an Enigma touch and has Arab male vocals like Farid Aït Siameur of Seven Reizh. Another Seven Reizh deja-vu i get with Brothers.
Now by the use of the Theremin. Something completely different is the uptempo Come find Love with a dance groove Finest Hour refers to Winstson Churchill and the use of his sampled voice. Turn Away is another epic track with a great melody that starts with a simple male vocals/piano and is worked out to an amazing, stunning guitar solo. The amazing thing is that IOEarth uses a sophisticated melody of 4 to 7 notes that is used as warm blanket over other vocal/guitar/keyboard melodies. Leaving in despair and confused, Which song is the best? I need to play it again…. and again….. and again!!!
Which album will become second in my best of 2012 list…!!