IO Earth is a groundbreaking British Symphonic Progressive band who pride themselves in their ability to seamlessly blend genres, creating their own signature sound. Whether the song you’re listening to is Hard Rock with Symphonic Strings, Ambient Trace with Horn solos or an emotive power ballad with Quartet breaks, you always know when you’re listening to IO Earth.

IO Earth ‘AURA’ was officially released on 14th April 2020



Official Video

‘Shadows’ is a story about a war veteran who suffers from PTSD. He lost his friends during the war and got so depressed that he couldn’t function at home no more. He walked out on his family because he couldn’t cope with every day stress and is wandering the streets searching for salvation.


The brainchild of long time friends and writing duo Dave Cureton and Adam Gough, IO Earth came into being as a challenge they gave themselves to write an album of music that was truly unique. That album exploded onto the progressive rock scene in 2009 and was instantly branded one of the most important releases of the decade…