IO EARTH released their 3rd studio album "New World" on 20th May 2015!

Ladies & Gentlemen, the wait is finally over! IO Earth’s ‘NEW WORLD’ is here and is released on Wednesday 20th May 2015. Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support and ‘Welcome, to the New World’….
Peace & Love, IO EARTH

Since 2009, Dave Cureton and Adam Gough’s signature genre-blending sound has been the talk of the Progressive Rock community, with one review even hailing their debut self-titled release “the most important Progressive album of the decade”.
Early last year, IO Earth announced that they were back in the studio, recording new material for their third release, once again causing a commotion in the Prog world.
During the making of “New World”, recording was temporarily delayed as Dave and Adam made changes and additions to their line-up, introducing Jez King on Violin and Christian Jerromes on drums and percussion in July 2014. These changes have added a new edge to their sound, with some heavier influences coming from the new members, while it retains all of the original unique qualities that grabbed the fans attention to begin with. The new album also has long-time members Luke Shingler (Sax) and Christian Nokes (Bass) continuing to bring their own influences and style, plus vocalist Linda Odinsen who, while having been on the road with IO Earth now for almost three years, makes her long-awaited first appearance on disk.
Linda’s presence has also led to a greater number of more traditional songs on “New World”, with the title track, “Morning”, “Fade To Grey”, “Journey To Discovery” and more having the unusual (for IO Earth) verse-chorus-verse shape … although they are all still inarguably IO Earth.
“New World” also boasts a guest appearance by Zappa alum and extraordinary percussionist, Ed Mann who is credited with performance as well as percussion arrangement for “Collision”.
Dave: We truly believe that this album is contains the best material we have ever produced. The IO Earth sound just keeps on evolving and improving …
Adam: If our first album was about us “finding” the IO Earth sound, and the second album was us them exploring it, then “New World” is like a realization of all of that experimentation … although weirdly, though we have come so far, it feels like a return to the roots of that first album, but with more maturity and experience.
Dave: Yeah, we feel that we are always learning and growing as musicians and composers … and “New World” really showcases that growth. We can’t wait for you guys to hear it.
“New World” contains over two hours of music across two disks and falls more into the Symphonic Progressive genre than their previous releases. The art work, designed by Wendy Vissers-Hagenbeek, reflects the album’s themes of discovery, the overcoming of adversity and the moving on into better times.