Press Release: January 29, 2022

IO Earth, are pleased to announce the return of vocalist Linda Odinsen to IO Earth. Linda’s vocals and input into one of the band’s most critically acclaimed studio albums ‘New World’ can not be questioned. Her epic performance at the 2013 Cruise to the Edge festival after just one 4 hour rehearsal with IO Earth will always be a highlight for the band. Voted one of the best female vocalists in Prog Magazine Readers Poll, Linda has wowed audiences worldwide with her pure, crystal clear, and pristine vocals. It is great to have Linda back in IO Earth.

Dave: “I am so pleased that Linda is returning to the band, Adam, Wendy and, I had a great chat with Linda, like the good old days catching up and all four of us realised that the time is right for Linda to continue her musical journey with IO Earth and we cannot wait to start recording her vocals for the new IO Earth – Sanctuary album.” (due out in 2022)

Adam: “We have received a few guide vocal tracks from Linda and it sounds so good. These new songs are taking shape. I know Linda is excited about the new album and she will most definitely put her all into these new songs.”

Dave: “Linda still lives in Norway but logistically things are now easier for her to travel, we are all excited to have her back in the studio.”

Linda: “I am very excited and appreciative of rejoining IO Earth and continuing our musical journey together. Somehow we keep finding our way back to each other at different points in life, and yet again the time is right. I can’t wait to make beautiful and powerful music again, and I am looking forward to a new chapter of the incredible adventure with IO Earth and the IO Earth family.”