IO Earth – New World CD


The critically acclaimed, 3rd studio album from IO Earth. Dave & Adam continue to discover more about their writing style as it evolves further. On ‘New World’, IO Earth break all of the rules of contemporary composition. This double album is filled with 2 hours of their trademark genre-defying IO Earth sound.

Welcome to the New World…’

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Listen to IO Earth – New World track samples

1. IO Earth – Move As One (New World SAMPLE)
2. IO Earth – Redemption (New World SAMPLE)
3. IO Earth – Journey to Discovery (New World SAMPLE)
4. IO Earth – Trance (New World SAMPLE)
5. IO Earth – Morning (New World SAMPLE)
6. IO Earth – Collision (New World SAMPLE)
7. IO Earth – Fade To Grey (New World SAMPLE)
8. IO Earth – New World Suite (New World SAMPLE)
9. IO Earth – Insomnia (New World SAMPLE)
10. IO Earth – Red Smoke (New World SAMPLE)
11. IO Earth – The Rising (New World SAMPLE)
12. IO Earth – Body & Soul (New World SAMPLE)
13. IO Earth – Colours (New World SAMPLE)
14. IO Earth – Follow (New World SAMPLE)
15. IO Earth – Dreams (New World SAMPLE)
16. IO Earth – New World (New World SAMPLE)
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