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Redefining The Genre

By Ross Muir Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. Belonging or connected to one particular person, place, or thing. Particularly remarkable,

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IO Earth Aura CD
Aura - 5th Studio Album 2020

‘Aura’ stands very proudly

Review by Pete Flodden – 26th April 2020 5 STAR REVIEW (5/5) I first encountered IO Earth on their second album ‘Moments‘. From the start

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This is Another Magnum Opus

By Zachary Nathanson It’s been a good while since I’ve heard some excellent music from the sounds of IO Earth. After hearing their first two

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Genre Defying

By Robert Brady ‘Genre Defying’ as the band IO Earth places upon themselves is a total understatement. I would go on record now to say they ‘Genre Shattering’. I was

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Great Success!

By Abaddon (Please note that this review has been translated using an online translator) Three years after the remarkable and noticed “Moments”, the English IOEarth

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A Perfect Workmanship

By Artur Chachlowski (Please note that this review has been translated using an online translator) Great album. Despite the significant disruption personnel (including the forced

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Live Review Peel

By Richard Thompson While they have always merited praise in the past, tonight IOEarth really do sound like the real deal. Their spacious and sendory-grabbing

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Classic Rock Live Review Peel

Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine Live Review Peel by Richard Thompson There’s a genuine buzz around IOEarth at the moment and it’s easy to see

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