"New World" is a Great Listening Experience

(Please note that this review has been translated using an online translator)
Since 2009 the UK (Birmingham) based IO-Earth are residing progland. As with their first opus, IO-Earth indulges us once more with a double album as their 2015 cuvee. Showing above all a band taking itself album by album to an higher level. Listening to the bands previous albums we learned they were able to brew their own unique sound from a multitude of influences and styles. Atmospheric, sometimes heavy, some trip-hop (on Moments) and symphonic spiced up with a twist of Zappa.
There’s been a change in the line-up on “New World”: the delightful Linda Odinsen on vocals (hitting the stage with the band for a few years but now for the first time on record) and Jez King on violin (and guitars). Where on previous recordings the rhythm section was a little monotone and repetitive the third addition to the band: Christian Jerromes on drums, is adding a more heavy and technical edge (style Gavin Harrison) to the rhythm section than his predecessor.
Ed Mann (Zappa’s percussionist) is reinforcing the rhythm section with some great mallet percussion riffs and arrangements on the song “Collision”.Immediately after the folkie opener “Move as one” we’re spoiled with the heavy “Redemption” – a riff à la Deadwing era Porcupine Tree but with an angelic female voice, oriental-Arabic influences, synth chorals à la star One and Jerromes hitting crash cymbals and double bass drums as (not) only Harrison can. This awesome, catchy piece will be grafted to our ears to never let go.It’s a quality constant throughout the whole album, the more heavy pieces have got an oriental feel (“Redemption”, “Journey to Discovery”, the final from “Insomnia”, “Colours”…) the other songs are not outdone on the contrary. The softer pieces with wind instrument arrangements: flute, trumpet, saxophone, … (“Dreams”, Red Smoke”, “Morning”) demonstrate once more the quality and the diversity of this 7 piece band!New World” is an exciting achievement, very diverse: heavy on one hand, soft and silky on the other, solid guitar riffs and soloing when needed (at the end of “Morning” for example, Goosebumps assured)
“New World” is a great listening experience (time passes without you noticing it), a little less than two hours of pure bliss!