This Is Special

A couple times this issue I have come across use of the flugle horn on an album and it occurs to me that this Is a new dimension that many bands and musicians could make good use of. The instrument is used along side trumpet on an atmospheric album that could be the world of progressive rock’s answer to cafe del mar theme. So many different sounds on one double album where a fusion of classical, progressive and ambient styles come together is nothing new – but this is special.
It is the brainchild of Birmingham based Dave Cureton and Adam Gough and has been compared to a classic album like Tubular Bells.What’s more it includes the wonderful voice of Steve Balsamo and the female vocals of Claire Malin and Louise Brabbins and where technology meets the human voice there meets something very natural, hence the three movements: water, earth and Air. Check it out and watch out for a stage show sometime in the future.