A Perfect Workmanship

By Artur Chachlowski
(Please note that this review has been translated using an online translator)
Great album. Despite the significant disruption personnel (including the forced absence from the previous vocalist Claire Malin, whose serious illness prevented from continuing career) and, generally speaking, not the best situation for this type of music, gentlemen Dave Cureton (g, k, v) and Adam Gough (k, g, v), who from the beginning guided the actions of a group of IO Earth , are precise as a Swiss watch.In 2009, their debut album entitled simply “IO Earth” in 2012. followed by the album “Moments” , passed the next three years, and here in June. appeared on the market a new double album “New World” (in the meantime appeared still live release “Live In The USA” (2013), which are the record performance at the festival IO Earth RosFest 2012). Regularity admirable. But that’s not all for what at the outset I want to commend the team. I want to commend him primarily for the high quality of the proposed music. And is it on the new album very much. Two silver rings, each lasting approximately fifty minutes. And with any of these hundred minutes not for a moment does not blow boredom.
Objectively speaking, the album has its better and worse moments, but generally as a whole, even so very extensive, defends himself in a manner excellent. New Music IO Earth is spatially, is logically arranged, and at the same gloriously made. The team is a new singer, Linda Odinsen who showed their best side. She sings almost all songs on the album (though in the “New World” for a total of sixteen compositions are the subjects of several instrumental) except positioned at the end of the disc No. 2 pieces: “Follow” and “Dreams”, in which men come to the fore Dave Cureton vocals and Adam Gough. It should be emphasized excellent instrumentation and the amazing atmosphere the whole CD, for which they are responsible both team leaders. But not just them. Great on saxophones and flutes playing Luke Shingler, your precious “Threepenny” adds a violinist and mandolinist Jez King. The group complements the basic rhythm section in the persons of Christian Jerrome and Christian Nokes. It is worth mentioning frequent guest on the album old collaborator Frank Zappa, Ed Mann, who plays, among others,xylophone, marimba, tubular bells, cymbals and gongs.
From the foregoing description that the wording of IO Earth is on the “New World” a very rich and varied (with the instruments listed above are also often resound trumpets, oboes and cellos supported by the cluster of invited guests) and to the fullest and at the same time as much as possible precisely give styling, with which we deal with this album, I would describe the music of IO Earth as a synthesis of Celtic rock, prog rock, symphonic metal, gothic rock and melodic pop characterized by a myriad of great, memorable melodies. It’s just a mundane item in the world of art rock. And it is of the highest order!
The album “New World” IO Earth tells the story of a mental journey of the main character, which plays the role of Linda Odinsen and which in its misfortune desperately seeking a better life in a better world. “This story tells about things seemingly obvious: when something goes wrong, usually we feel lonely and useless to anyone, but in life there is always some light in the tunnel, are it rays bring hopes that give meaning to life. These are the people we meet every day, which often do not notice, and who are ready to help you reach such a place where you feel good and who call their “new world” “- so this in all a very optimistic message of the new says the leader board IO Earth, Dave Cureton. I think his words resonate perfectly with the music, which in turn perfectly captures the atmosphere and drama of the story. Plates listened to with bated breath, and the quantity and quality music filling it raises genuine admiration. It is amazing that in one publication we find so much great music put into practice ideas. It’s actually like two full-length CDs, but gathered into one whole, and this inserted into a beautifully presented CD. Nothing but applaud!
There is probably little sense to discuss in detail each of filling this release tracks. Wholeness, even if it is so long, listening to almost perfectly. It’s a real treat for the ears. From the beginning to the end. From A to Z. However, there are a few passages that I think in a special way heat up the atmosphere of this album. First of all, this spirited start, which consists of connected with each other the songs: “Move As One”, “Redemption” and “Journey To Discovery” pinkfloydowskim and topped with a brilliant guitar solo composition “Morning”. I would also like to draw attention to the instrumental suite “New World Suite”, which a kind of reprise of numerous citations and recurring themes in the form of a nine-composition “New World” appears in the final album.And there is still hidden somewhere in the middle of the second disc a true pearl of the pearls in the form of the instrumental song “The Rising”. Musical fairy tale!
Palette numerous moods, compositional verve, pace, firepower, but above all a perfect workmanship makes this album one of the most remarkable art-rock releases in recent months. Those who love the atmosphere a la Mostly Autumn, Karnataka, Panic Room and The Reasoning should definitely look around for this album. He immediately must tell: IO Earth today publishing “New World” beats all these groups on his head. This is an album!