IO EARTH combines original melodies and sophisticated architecture

(Please note that this review has been translated using an online translator)
If you are looking for an album that goes beyond the usual, you’re right page. “Moments” of IOEARTH is the perfect album to take on this role. As for the combo, it is the brainchild of guitarist Dave Cureton and Adam Gough keyboardist to create their own music and they have pulled it off. After rave reviews in 2009 for their eponymous debut, is back with IO EARTH “Moments”.
The line-up remains unchanged: next to the binomial, we find Richard Cureton on drums, Claire MALIN vocals, Christian Nokes on bass, Luke Shingler on flute and saxophone. Among their references, there is Steve VAI, LED ZEPPELIN, Benedict Atras (CIRQUE DU SOLEIL), GROOVE ARMADA, Massive Attack and many others.
IO EARTH combines original melodies and sophisticated architecture. Their music style is very eclectic, it is of the neo-prog through the art-rock, ambient, electro and … it is also a sacred group stage (see cons minutes on their way to Spirit Of 66 in the “concert”), they were invited to RoSfest 2012 United States along with Karmakanic, DEEXPUS, DISCIPLINE …Let’s turn to “Moments”, mystery and madness hanging over the intro. Follows an atmosphere of neo-prog mode with a blazing guitar well supported by a powerful rhythm section.
At its center, the arpeggios of an acoustic guitar intertwine with electro sounds to DAFT PUNK. The soprano saxophone brings colors arabisantes while the trumpet is rather the Mexican accent. The following title has two parts, the first “Live Your Life Part 1” is led by a duo piano / vocals, imbued with great sensitivity and built to a crescendo in the final. The second “Live Your Life Part 2” was launched with force powerful riffs, haunting rhythm, choirs and more qu’énergiques keyboards based in all, before passing a symphony and a long finish breathtaking. Gregorian chants to offer “Drifting” and an intro original form with the beautiful voice of Claire MALIN quite a duo that illuminates the symphonic arrangements.
We are intrigued by the central experimental (including the theremin, the instrument weird) and distilled dazzled by the notes on the piano. Bathed by the violin, “Cinta Indah” offers a velvety smooth alternating with devastating power. The instrumental symphonic “Brothers” has a face with film, in the lead roles, saxophone and percussion. “Come Find Love” stands out for its plethora of environments with a penchant for the mystical and hypnotic, all delivered in an ambient electronics packaging.
The explosive cocktail which involves mixing Gregorian choirs, voice male / female and robotic, gives some originality to the piece. “Finest Hour” is full of samples from the speech (Finest Hour) of Winston Churchill on 18 June 1940 on air and catchy rhythms. Closing this album is the center piece “Turn Away”, where as one is seduced by the warm voice of Dave Cureton by sparkling notes of the piano. The song is expanding gradually to give us an intense final.
Conclusion: With “Moments” IO EARTH strengthens its personality.
While progressive rock purists may turn their backs on this album, IO EARTH has at least had the merit to dare something original. For that alone, I recommend it.