This Band Stands Out From The Crowd With a Remarkably Eclectic Approach

By: Eigen Beheer
(Please note that this review has been translated using an online translator)
Two years ago, did it come from Birmingham IOEarth the prog world surprised with their very ambitious, eponymous debut: two CDs full of symphonic and spacey prog rock with a modern groove. Successor ‘Moments’ now proves that a wider sonic palette available. This band stands out from the crowd with a remarkably eclectic approach. Take the combination of oriental scales and robust guitar riffs in opener Moments. The lead guitar Dave Cureton will later full open it’s wings during the finale accompanied by Winston Churchill (Finest Hour and Turn Away). The eclecticism is reflected in the use of less traditional rock instrumentation. The bridge in Drifting is colored with theremin and trumpet. Brothers in weaves a soprano melodies around a funky groove. From groove spoken: Come Find Love is even a real trip to the acid jazz. Yet it is on this album is not misplaced.
Without being emphasized, is “Moments” a concept story about the intimate experience of a woman. Singer Claire Malin is her voice and showcases in Live Your Life empathy and a talent for drama through a beautiful phrasing and subtle vibrato, while a piano mood of the character further color throughout. Core Members Dave Cureton and Adam Gough bring in a lower register a quasi religious, vocal harmony with Malin. In Drifting gets a Gregorian-sounding male voice there strings and a narrative Malin top, but the modern rhythms of bassist Christian Nokes and drummer Richard Cureton sort a surprising effect.
After a compelling guitar solo by Cureton is still a small detail: the outro with piano and whispering is short, but calls on their own an entire world. Without prejudice to the emotional charge is this detail in valve Turn Away magnified, a symphonic guitar this album gives perfect conclusion.