IO Earth – Acoustic Vol.1


IO Earth’s first all-Acoustic album. This album is comprised of introspective and understated pieces that have a very personal resonance. There are 5 reworked songs from the IO Earth back catalogue, as well as 5 new pieces never before released.

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Listen to IO Earth – Acoustic Vol.1 track samples

1. IO Earth – AURA (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
2. IO Earth – STREETS (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
3. IO Earth – TAKE ME (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
4. IO Earth – MOUNTAINS (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
5. IO Earth – MOVE AS ONE (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
6. IO Earth – PROMISE (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
7. IO Earth – FADE TO GREY (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
8. IO Earth – OH LA LA (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
9. IO Earth – TRUTH (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
10. IO Earth – HOME (Acoustic Vol 1 SAMPLE)
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