IO Earth – Aura (Digital Download)


Aura is the 5th studio album by IO Earth. In a departure from their usual writing style, IO Earth’s Dave Cureton and Adam Gough have created a new album that is still progressive, still genre-defying, but is more focused on the exploration and development of melody than ever before. This is an album to listen to with your feet up and relax.
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Listen to IO Earth – Aura track samples

1. IO Earth – Aura (Aura SAMPLES)
2. IO Earth – Waterfall (Aura SAMPLES)
3. IO Earth – Breathe (Aura SAMPLES)
4. IO Earth – Circles (Aura SAMPLES)
5. IO Earth – Shadow (Aura SAMPLES)
6. IO Earth – Resonance II (Aura SAMPLES)
7. IO Earth – The Rain (Aura SAMPLES)