This Is An Absolutely Remarkable Album

By – Ken Truman
IOEarth is the brainchild of Dave Cureton (guitars) and Adam Gough (keyboards) two school friends from the 90’s who have worked together on many projects with others over the years, but who always had a dream of working together on something that, quote ” was fresh and new – Something that would challenge the ears, hearts and minds of its listeners”.
Well in IOEarth they have certainly achieved their goal. Considering that this is a debut, this is an absolutely remarkable album, being a roller-coaster ride of power, melody and emotion, combining rock, classical, opera, dance, ambient and jazz into a unique and dazzling work of huge scope and imagination.
Covering two CD’s they have produced over an hour and a half of musical excellence split into 3 movements: – Water, Earth and Air. Via these themes we are taken on a journey encompassing long dynamic guitar led instrumentals with references to Latimer, Oldfield, Gilmour, Satriani, Beck, powerful atmospheric and melodic keyboards, think Vangelis, Wakemen, Reed, haunting ambient electronica and highly evocative and emotional vocals.
The band comprises Dave Cureton, guitar & other instruments. Adam Gough, keyboards & other instruments. Richard Cureton, drums & percussion. Christian Nokes, bass. The musicianship on the album is of the highest quality, all the players proving to masters of their instruments, although to my mind Dave Cureton’s guitar is the highlight of the album. The vocals are strong with superb performances by Claire Malin, Louise Braggins and Steve Balsamo of Chimpan A. The production is crisp, clear and powerful and credit should be given to Miguel Seco who engineered, mastered and produced the album.
A new band, a debut work, this is one of the best albums to have come out recently. It is not often you hear a new piece of music and fail to find any points of real criticism. For lovers of inventive, complex, powerful, symphonic music this album is an absolute must. Can’t wait for the next one.
Conclusion: 9 out of 10